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i have a present for you sir


i have a present for you sir

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*le swoon*


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When your phone rings but you don’t recognize the caller ID and your mom makes you answer it


good caption

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Seems like it wasn’t a dream…

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edwardrockbells asked: forwood + warm colours

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Darkness is Rising - Summer 2014

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I loved you even before I met you

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sailor moon graphic meme: [1/1] season

↳sailor moon s

There is one who can stop the doom, the silence, from covering the world. In the hands of the Messiah, the world will be saved.

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Outer Senshi

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Robb Stark seemed puzzled. “Is this some trap, Lannister? What’s Bran to you? Why should you want to help him?” “Your brother Jon asked it of me. And I have a tender spot in my heart for cripples and bastards and broken things.” Tyrion Lannister placed a hand over his heart and grinned.